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Porous Solutions

Whether you’re a weekend inventor or a large corporation, we’ll have a solution that’s right for you.

Why Porous Plastics?

Porous plastics offer several advantages over other porous materials, while servicing numerous markets and industries.

Emporeum Plastics is a porous polymer design firm, specializing in taking the technology into new industries or improving upon industries where it is currently in use. We believe in the usefulness of this technology and the good it can help create for this world. We also want to make cool things.

The company was started because we saw where customers’ needs weren’t being fulfilled and where service gaps existed between what was expected and what was actually provided. That all important relationship between company and client was non-existent. As a small business, our success is built on those relationships we build. We pride ourselves on being true partners with those we work with and in treating everyone with respect. You need that respect and trust or no one succeeds. By working closely with our clients, we are able to build those relationships, build that trust, fulfill their needs and deliver or exceed what was expected.

We at Emporeum Plastics thank you for allowing us the opportunity to become your trusted partner in porous polymer solutions.