Porous Solutions

Whether you’re a weekend inventor or a large corporation, we’ll have a solution that’s right for you.


Getting to the core of the problems starts with a thorough evaluation. From the initial contact, we’ll ask a series of questions designed to learn more about you, your problem and what makes your perfect solution.


For you, the right choice is as simple as knowing why. Our philosophy is to teach you about all things porous plastic, so you can understand the reason for your decision on a particular porous solution.


Performance. Aesthetics. Economics. A little of each. Your personal project engineer works with you to design the perfect part.


What good is a part if it’s not there to use? As a lean and agile company, we strive to deliver not only a top notch experience and product, but the fastest delivery times of prototypes to finished products.


Porous polymer technology has been around for decades, but it takes a special company to utilize it in multiple ways. At Emporeum Plastics, we are constantly looking to push the boundaries of what’s been done before and what can be done.


The unique properties of porous plastics allow for exotic solutions to the manipulation of sound. The ability to customize multiple aspects of the part (material, porosity, shape) gives us the flexibility to deliver the product you need.


Liquid in, liquid not out. A quality absorbing material is measured by its ability to absorb a liquid and by its capacity to hold it. From blood, to oil, to water, porous plastics offer a multitude of options for achieving the performance you seek.


If you’ve ever used a marker for writing or applied makeup in a container, chances are you used a porous plastic part to do it. Applying requires the precise release of liquids or solids onto another surface or substrate as well as repeatability to ensure the proper amount is dispensed every time.


Who says you can’t control what others do? With a diffusive porous plastic component, uniform porosity across the entire part is critical for the precise release and control of gas and for measured repeatability.


Blood, water, oil or air. No matter the media, the unique structure of a porous plastic component is critical for optimal performance and ensuring that it filters out only what you want.


The inert characteristics of porous plastics and cell structure are key attributes which make it perfect for growing or holding back material.


Similar to a diffuser or filter, a porous plastic vent’s objective is to release what you want and contain (or keep out) what you don’t. Customization and modification of the porous component can further increase its performance to meet your standards.


Moving a fluid from one place to another, in a controlled manner, doesn’t require over-thinking. It requires a porous plastic part. A porous plastic wick can be designed to accommodate the fluid transfer rate and volume control required for any application.